We all have different work styles and work ethics. Over the past 7 or 8 years, I’ve read countless books on time-management and productivity, studied the experts who have accomplished remarkable things, and learned from mentors who have inspired my career and work style.

When I spoke at Bloomington Ignite a few months ago, I decided to share some of my thoughts and experience on work flow management and work/work balance. In true Ignite fashioin, I was limited to 5 minutes, with slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds. I felt like I was fighting the clock trying to get all of my content delivered coherently.

Watch the video below. This is how I work. What do you think? How do you work? Any good lifehacks I should add to my toolkit?

I also wrote a post on the Workshifting blog that elaborates on some of the principles included in this video. You can read that post here.