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Matt Hunckler

Speaker Bio

Short Version: Matt Hunckler is an entrepreneur, international speaker, podcast host, and CEO of Powderkeg.

Longer Version: Matt Hunckler is the founder and CEO of Powderkeg, a digital community for tech entrepreneurs and professionals building innovative companies in tech hubs between the coasts. He is also the host of award-winning podcast Powderkeg: Igniting Startups, a show that shares the most fascinating stories of professional growth and innovation coming out of communities across America. Hunckler is also the author of “The Spark,” a hand-curated newsletter covering the tech news outside Silicon Valley you need to know.  



Hunckler frequently contributes to local and national media stories to speak to the startup and high-growth tech trends in areas beyond Silicon Valley. Armed with proprietary data, unique insights, and frontline stories, Matt can help bring context and perspective to the growing curiosity about tech and work in communities between the coasts.
April 2019

A new tech census, this one focused on culture, will provide a map of the entire landscape of the sector in the Hoosier state. Powderkeg CEO Matt Hunckler and CMO and Co-founder Kevin Bailey are here to explain how it will drive more talent into tech companies.

March 2019

Powderkeg partners with Rise of the Rest on new data project.

Dec 2018

Whatever issues hold some heartland tech companies back (and access to talent is one of them), many of the Heartland’s emerging tech hubs show investor-worthy growth rates.

Dec 2018

Powderkeg this month partnered with Kenzie Academy to launch a live podcast—featuring big names in the tech and venture capital world—that will be broadcast on location every other month. The live podcast, Hunckler said, will be broadcast before an audience at a Powderkeg event designed to bring entrepreneurs, companies and investors together.