Indianapolis: Startup Community on the Verge

Indianapolis is home to me. I enjoy my out-of-state weekend adventures and urban exploring at conference visits outside the state, but Indy is my home base.

In the past 18+ months that I’ve lived here, our entrepreneurial community  has seen the addition of Indianapolis startup-centric blogs, a weekly newsletter of startup events, and a bunch of hack-a-thons where ideas and talent converge to create new software products. We have awesome startup spaces to work, like Developer Town, and SproutBox, with more on the way in 2011. Our pool of talent and network of developers is quickly evolving, providing plenty of opportunity to fuel startup ideas. Developer-centric events like IndyPy and the Indianapolis Ruby Brigade are fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration among the sharpest programmers in the area.

Verge LogoIndy is on the Verge. The people, the places, the technology, and the timing are right just right for the community to tip the scale. That’s why we rebranded our event (formerly Hackers & Founders, a name borrowed from the West Coast) — to own what we’ve built, and showcase what’s happening.

I started the group with a few friends just over a year ago. We never expected our small group of twelve fresh-faced 20- somethings to grow into a a monthly meetup that would draw crowds of 250+ entrepreneurs, developers, and investors from not just all around Indiana, but other major Midwest cities like Chicago and Cincinnati. It’s inspiring to see.

Verge Event Indianapolis

When I think about what it takes to build a sustainable entrepreneurial environment, I know Indy’s got it: fresh talent, regular startup-centric meetups, and a collaborative community. I’m excited to see how things evolve in 2011 as we continue to grow and create new businesses.

I’m so appreciative of all the people and organizations, both in Indianapolis and around the world, who make our startup community so exceptional. Thank you.

If you haven’t experienced Verge, or Hackers & Founders as it was once called, this video will give you a taste of what it’s all about:

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