Dropping The Startup Safety Net

This is a big day for me. After a full-throttle experience building a marketing team with an Inc 500 company, I’m embarking on a new journey. The vision is set and I’ve dropped the safety net.
Here’s why. . .

startup base jumpFor me, there’s no greater high, no deeper level of fulfillment, no bigger rush than building something that provides value. And there’s something about building a business with boundless potential that’s both inspiring and gratifying.

To build a startup—or to help build a startup—is the highest-leverage activity in which you could invest your time. Find the right fulcrum, then execute with the right amount of force, and the value you create can be exponential.

But you have to take a chance.

That’s why I’ve decided to take the plunge, and devote my full time and energy to Verge and other entrepreneurial opportunities. For the next 90 days, I’m intensifying efforts and attention to the team at Verge—designing plans, building systems, and executing on the vision. While we move the ball forward with that organization, I’ll also heed the advice from my closest mentors and take some time to truly explore the entrepreneurial landscape. As of today, I’ve broken my low-information diet to dive into books, travel, and relationships in a way that I never have before. And I’m excited!

At the same time, I already miss the energy and excitement of my former role as the Director of Marketing at Slingshot SEO. For the past year, one of my greatest joys has been working with each and every incredible person on the marketing team, most of whom I was fortunate enough to interview and hire myself. I learned so much from them as we took a blank canvas and turned it into something of real, measurable value.

Slingshot TeamFrom the three co-founders, who encouraged me to join as a director, to CEO Jay Love and the rest of the leadership team—I’ve never witnessed a more diverse and powerful combination of raw talent at a company. By blazing a trail, and attracting other top talent and partners to join in the adventure, they’ve built an exceptional organization. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with them through their continued support with Verge, the Orr Fellowship, and whatever else may materialize in the future.

I’ve been so, so fortunate to experience the high of building successful businesses—both as a part of a high-powered engine like Slingshot and from the driver’s seat of my own startups. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to take the wheel with both hands and shift into the next gear as I start the next leg of my journey. I look forward to continuing to learn, succeed, fail, and evolve. And I will do a better job of sharing that experience with you here.
Keep bringing your brilliance and enthusiasm to Verge. Let’s keep working together to build a better-connected, execution-driven startup community. It’s time to swing big.

So, what’s your next adventure?

How can I help with what you’re working on?

About the author

Founder and Chief Magician at Verge®, a platform for high-growth startups. Love to get hands on with a pen, basketball, guitar, or deck of cards.