6 Things You Do That Inspire Me

What if we were liberated from the fear and hesitation that often slows us down? How much more could we create for the world, and for ourselves?

You probably don’t know it, but you inspire me to pursue the answers to those questions. So, I figured it’s only fair to tell you what it is that you do that fuels me:

Show up.

Show upYou show up every day to produce. You channel your greatest talents through you by doing the things that fill you with the biggest intrinsic rewards. Your work gives back more energy than you put into it.


You prioritize your talent work, but you don’t take yourself so seriously that it prevents you from taking massive action each day. You’re thoroughly amused by life.

Don't flinch

Even when things seem like they are their darkest, you find your light and shine it for all to see.

Don’t flinch.

Opportunities for growth continue to present themselves and you don’t flinch. You might catch yourself with that first hint of resistance from time to time. But you consistently throw yourself into the wave with intention and know that, each time you do, you come out exhilarated on the other side.

Ignore convention

Ignore convention.

You free yourself from the social hierarchy and extrinsic validation that so many cling to as their measuring stick. Your track record and massive body of work inspires others to create the life they want to live.

Pursue your vision.

Keep designing your life in a way that embraces clarity and focus.

Just do it

You pursue the things that havestrong “why.” You’re in it for the journey, and that’s good. Because you’ll need that long-term vision to realize your life’s work.

It might appear effortless to others, but it will never actually be effortless. That’s because you’re intentional about your life. But you’re not one to talk about.

You just do it.


This post was a reflection on the book, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. If you haven’t read it yet, grab yourself a copy today. You’ll thank yourself later.

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