What Do You Do When the Lights Go Out?

The third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII went dark and over 100 million viewers watched for 35 minutes as the teams reacted in their own way. I know you’ve been in blackout situations before. And I’m not talking about the kind of blackout that you’d normally expect to witness in New Orleans around Mardis Gras time.

I had a blackout moment last week when my shins met the fender of a Honda Civic as it sped around a corner.

I didn’t lose consciousness. But when I started across that crosswalk, I sure wasn’t expecting to end up laid out on the pavement after sliding across the hood of a speeding car.

bane at the super bowlAs I picked myself up off my bruised hip, the driver rolled down the 2%-tint, passenger-side window. “Whoa. you alright bro?” At least the driver was considerate enough to show some compassion as he continued to roll by.

“Uh, yeah I think so… but you just hit me with your freaking car!” I didn’t know how to react. Mostly, I was just trying to make sure my toes weren’t broken.

You never really expect a blackout moment to hit. I mean, no one ever plans to get struck by a vehicle (and I don’t recommend it).

So, when you get hit with a blackout, what’s your first reaction?

You could take your ball and go home. You could stretch out and stay warm in preparation. You could rest and focus on your mental game. Or you could decide to adapt and play your game in the dusk.

What do you do when your lights go out?

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